Age Management Uptake

Discover today the skill of tomorrow.

Every year Europe gains 2 million over 60-year-olds. The ratio of working people to the ‘inactive’ others is shifting from 4 to 1 today to 2 to 1 by 2060. To shift from potential demographic and economic crisis, age management is stepping in to address this need.

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What is this project about

Our aim is to provide Age Management Curriculum for education experts, HR professionals and policy makers, to achieve relevant and high quality skills that extend and develop their competences to become Age Management Advisors.

Our curriculum is evidence based, built by scientifically validated methods, created and tested by field's experts.

Expected results

The project will deliver following intellectual outputs:

Scientific Review What Works in Age Management

Age Management curriculum

Course materials for blended learning

Qualification standard of Age management Advisor

Accreditation of adult education course in CEE countries

Guidelines of Age Management Curriculum Implementation

Quality and expertise guaranteed

The curriculum and content of this initiative is backed by partners who came from fields of higher education, Vocational education and training, adult education and represent leading experts in central europe.

Asociácia inštitúcií vzdelávania dospelých v Slovenskej republike (AIVD SR)

Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, Comenius University, Faculty of Arts (UNIBA)

Edukacyjne Centrum Integracji Miedzypokoleniowej HIPOKAMP (HIP)

Asociace institucí vzdělávání dospělých ČR (AIVD ČR)

Univerzita Karlova, Charles University (CUNI)

IL3 Institute for Lifelong Learning (IL3)